do not touch social Facilitating social engagement and a healthy social environment health Identifying medical care, medical planning, managing hospital stays, personal safety, healthcare decisions money Protecting assets, managing money, financial planning, budgeting, end-of-life planning housing Protecting all personal property: Maintenance, timely payment of taxes and other expenses, managing insurance heart Ensuring a loving, secure and healthy environment; protecting one’s dignity, privacy, and personal goals medicine Monitoring and adjusting prescriptions; safekeeping of medications security Providing protection from bad guys and exploiters, whether strangers, friends or family members will Respecting the overall estate plan; understanding duties to the client, beneficiaries, and the court car Securing personal property and belongings, such as jewelry, cars, furniture, collections

Professional Fiduciary Council of Florida

Loyalty - Integrity - Trust

Professional Fiduciary Council of Florida
3637 4th St. N., #270
St. Petersburg, Florida 33704

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